LITE guard Aluminium Trench Shoring

LITE guard are specialists in excavation shoring. As safety on the work site is always paramount LITE guard has designed an extensive range of trench shoring products and accessories designed to make working in and around trenches safer and easier.

What products do LITE guard offer?

Trench Shields / Boxes

Soldier Sets

Manhole Boxes / Access Chamber Units

City Boxes

Super Shields

Other Products

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High Quality Aluminium Trench Shoring Equipment Meeting Global Standards.

Where can I get LITE guard products?


LITE guard Trench Shields are manufactured in Australia and available for sale and hire in Australia and New Zealand.

LITE guard Australasia


LITE guard Trench Shoring Boxes are manufactured in the U.K. and available for sale and hire in the United Kingdom and Europe.

LITE guard Europe

North America

LITE guard Trench Shields are manufactured in the United States and available for sale in the U.S. and Canada.

LITE guard North America

Other Regions

LITE guard Trench Shields can be supplied to other regions of the world. Explore the options for availability in your region.

LITE guard Other Regions

Distributors Wanted

Distributors wanted for the LITE guard range of Trench Shoring Shields & Products in South America, UK & Europe.