Specialist Advice and Engineering

LITE guard can arrange engineered designs to suit your special applications, using either the LITE guard extruded aluminium sections that have the same tensile strength as steel, or a combination of aluminium and steel.

The LITE guard aluminium extrusions are approximately a third of the weight of steel, making LITE guard a more user friendly shoring system.

LITE guard can provide expert advice on most shoring problems and are happy to work with design engineers at the early design stages of projects to develop shoring systems specific to the project.

Designing systems at the early stages saves time and money on site and these designs can then be built into the tender process.

Field and Technical Support

The LITE guard modular safety system Engineers and Designers are available to advise and design safety systems to suit your specific requirements.

With 70 years combined experience in the design, engineering and installation of safety systems, our consultants have the expertise to assist you in the field to ensure that you have safe access to the most difficult working environments.

We have a licensed mine manager with many years experience of trenching and tunnelling.