City Box

LITE guard City Box Trench Shield Render

The LITE guard City box is a great trench shoring shield solution which is designed to fill a gap in the market for excavators in the 4.5 tonne to 7.0 tonne range as these machines have limited lifting capacity of around 500kgs. The city box gives these machines and contractors using this size excavator a full size contractors trench shield.

Great for working in confined areas in the city or back yards where space is limited for machines.

Comes in two trench shield sizes, the 3000mm L x 1800mm H can be inverted for stacking and the 2400 x 2400 size available with Telescoping spreader bars up to 18oomm L after this size has fixed length spreader bars to 3000mm.

Great Box Shoring suitable for these smaller excavators in tight city areas with limited space.

Our City Boxes are also available and manufactured under licence in the UK. If you're in the UK and need a Trench Shield for Confined spaces check out the details on our City Boxes.