Super Size Trench Shield

LITE guard Super Sized Trench Shield

LITE guard's Super Size Trench Shields are aluminium trench shields suitable for use with larger machines and for the laying of long length pipes. The trench shields are available in sizes  4000 x 2400mm, 5000 x 2400, 6000 x 2400 & 7200 x 2400mm rated at 78kPa, 60kPa & 45kPa and 36kPa.

Super Size Trench Shields are available with high clear lattice spreader bars giving 2300mm under strut clearance, the largest of these trench shields weighs in at just on 2200kgs this great strength to weight ration is unique to the LITE guard range.

Double skin. Great contractors shield. Good for all long length pipes and bore pits, excavation work. Fantastic working load for this size of trench shield.

Spreader Bars: To 70kPa, and high rise available on request

High clear/rise bars available from 1500 high x 1500 wide, to 2200 high x 3700 wide. Adjustable width.

Panel Sizes: 7200mm Long x 2400mm High x 150mm Thick. Panel weight 950kg with a working load limit of 36kPa.

Assembled Trench Shield: 7200mmL x 2400mmH x 1000mmW spreader bars. Weight 2.0 tonnes, working load 36kPa.

STEEL Equivalent: 6000mmL x 2400mmH x 1000mmW spreader bars. Weight 6.5 tonnes, working load only 25kPa.

This trench shield also available in: 4000mmL x 2400mmH x 150 Thick. Panel weight 450kg. Working load 70kPa.

These trench shields can be custom made to your requirements.

3000mm long gives a massive 150kPa working load and 8000mm long gives a 25kPa working load. They can be supplied up to 10,000mm long with swing out intermediate spreader bars. Great for tank pits.

We can manufacture panel sizes to suit your individual requirements.

Super Size Trench Shields Meet Global Standards

AS 4744.1-200, BS. EN 13331.1 & 13331.2. (British & European standard), OSHA Sub Part P