Rumble Grids

LITE guard Rumble Grids were designed with a tyre company to ensure maximum tyres deflection for cleaning of mud and rocks from the tyres before the vehicles leaves the construction site onto the made roads.

Sections of Rumble Grid are made to the size of 4000mm x 2300mm for ease of transport. With two sections required for a complete wheel revolution.

Ramps are available to assist entry and egress on and off the Rumble Grid if they are to be placed on top of the ground. Ramps measure 4000mm x 1000mm.

Both Rumble grids and Ramps have a flip over locking together system to ensure they do not move apart while in use.

Rumble Grids can be dug into the access track if required (ramps not required if this option is used).

All Steel Construction.

Rumble Grid Pricing

Rumble Grid 4000 x 2300mm with lock lugs$2,379.00+ gst
Rumble Grid Ramp 4000 x 1000mm$1,309.00+ gst

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