LITE shore Soldier Sets

LITE guard produces a range of aluminium soldier sets. These soldier sets are great for working around services, or small excavations. A minimum of 2 sets required when trench shoring.


1800mm and 2400mm long come with 2 mechanical adjustable spreader bars 600mm to 900mm or 1000mm to 1800mm.

3000mm long come complete with 3 adjustable spreader bars.

These units replace conventional timber soldier sets and are 7 times stiffer and 8 times stronger than F17 hard wood.

If using timber soldier sets remember that the timber should be green hardwood less than 3 months of age. This timber will not snap under load like dry timber. It will actually bend and make a noise as it comes under load prior to breaking, providing advance warning of imminent danger.

Why take any risk that these could fail when you can be sure of your safety with LITE Shore Soldier Sets!

BS. EN 13331.1 & 13331.2.  (British & European standard) AS 4744.1-200, OSHA Sub Part P